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How do house inspections benefit you?

One of the ways in which a building surveyor would benefit a property buyer is by surveying a property that you are interested in and producing a condition report of the property which provides the potential buyers with facts regarding the safety and condition of the property. The services a building surveyor provides is useful for a potential property buyer as it will provide them with the peace of mind in regards to a realistic assessment of the structural integrity of the property. You can be sure that a building surveyor will only outline the facts about the condition of the property which may not be the case for the property owners. This type of survey is commonly called a HomeBuyers Report, which is a somewhat of an in depth and detailed survey, where a surveyor will conduct a thorough analysis of the property and identify structural problems not only associated with walls and the foundations but also the plumbing and electrical systems. An experienced and qualified surveyor is required to complete a Homebuyer Report and it's often a piece of documentation requested by insurance companies. As Virginia Beach residents view buying a house as one of the biggest financial investments they can make, it would be wise to hire the services of an experienced building inspector who would identify potential problems that may lead to expensive repairs in the near future. As purchasing a new home is very expensive the last thing a new home owner wants to deal with is having to pay for unexpected house repairs, homebuyers need to be fully informed on the real cost of owning a particular property. It is important for building surveyors to be completely transparent and identify long-term hidden costs. Buyers are often unaware of the need to have a building inspection done, particularly if the property owner has highlighted some issues and promised to have them fixed. There different levels of survey a building surveyor can undertake which all differ in complexity and detail. A basic building survey only evaluates the building structure, including the foundations and walls. Level 3 reports can be produced by an experienced building surveyor who provides detailed information on water, gas, electrical and other systems.

Does newly built property need to be inspected too?

For newly built properties a qualified building inspector would recommend a special type of survey called a "snagging" survey which is only carried out on new properties. Surveyors will carry out an in depth analysis associated with the construction of the building and surveyors can establish whether the property is compliant with federal building regulations. Some of the factors which may result in the property being declared ‘unsafe’ are whether the building was built using unsafe materials such as asbestos. In 1989 the US Environmental Protection Agency banned new products from entering the American marketplace, and it’s expected over 122,000 Americans had developed health conditions due to breathing  in harmful fibres of asbestos which directly resulted in their deaths. Each year thousands of Americans are affected directly by asbestos. Many workers who were exposed to asbestos in the past while they worked or lived in close proximity to this dangerous material now suffer from its long-term health effects. While asbestos-based products today are rarer in America than in the past, there still remain a large number of asbestos-related products within American households which pose a risk to Virginia Beach households.

How do I handle dangerous substances such asbestos?

When an asbestos-containing material is moved or damaged this could result in the release of dangerous fibres that can enter the body and cause damage long term damage.  This harmful material is easily inhaled and can cause serious, long-term health problems for those who work or live in properties which use this material. While these health conditions don’t affect a person in the immediate term, the health condition associated with asbestos take years to develop into serious or fatal illnesses. One of the ways in which you can protect yourself and your family is to hire a building surveyor who would be able to identify the presence of this material in your home so that you can take preventive steps to get it removed safety.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which develops in the outer surfaces of an individual’s organs is commonly linked with exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma is a form of lung cancer and It affects the lungs lining, function, and overall health of your lungs although Mesothelioma can also affect lining of other organs such as your heart.  Mesothelioma is considered an aggressive form of cancer which has a substantially high fatality rate due to the condition often being in its final stages of development before being identified and diagnosed by a doctor. Asbestosis-related Lung Cancer is almost as common as other types of lung cancer such as long term smoking. Asbestosis, a condition that is chronically caused by prolonged contact with asbestos can cause scarring to the lungs and shortness of breath which progressively get worse. The pleural thickening is one of the many health complications that asbestos exposure can bring to your lungs. Pleural thickening is an asbestos-related condition that causes the lining to the lungs to thicken. It can lead to prolonged discomfort, shortness or even complete paralysis.

Why Was Asbestos Used?

Asbestos is a natural mineral that is highly resistant to heat or corrosion which made Asbestos a perfect material to be used in building insulation, cement, and in some flooring tiles in the past.

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